Attract Freelancers, Part Time or Full Time Job-Seekers by posting a Job Ad on our Job Board. It stays live for 30 days and you directly receive all applications.

Live for 30 Days

Save time, money and eliminate the hassle of going through hundreds of unqualified candidates. With "QUICK HIRE", we send you two qualified vetted candidate profiles within 5 business days.

New hire within 5 days

Let us do all the work. Our top recruitment service comes with a dedicated Account Manager who will provide you vetted and interviewed candidates ready to be hired.

White Glove Service

 e-JAM's Recruitment Plans are designed to minimise the time and stress it takes to find your company's next new hire. Our Recruiters utilise their years of HR and staffing experience to make the right match with you and the perfect candidate. 

 We offer:

•  Affordable plans
•  Additional marketing through our social media platforms
•  Candidate tracking with e-JAM Talent Manager which allows recruiters to easily filter and review applications 24/7 from their dashboard
•  Mobile ready website, allowing Jobseekers to view and apply for jobs on their smartphones or tablets
•  Targeted email job alerts sent to candidates

 Boost your ad visibility and increase the response to your job ad - Try e-JAM's Social Media Plan

Our Guarantee
With maximum online exposure, we are confident your job posting will generate quality candidates to interview.  In a rare instance of a low performing ad, we will re-advertise your vacancy for another month at no additional cost.

Please Note: Each posting is subject to review prior to going live.  We have the right to refuse any posting we consider inappropriate or misleading. Employment opportunities requiring up-front investment are prohibited. Prices and specifications are subject to change at any time and without notice.

Pricing reflects Jamaican & Caribbean Employers.  We accept credit card payments online via PayPal and Credit/Debit Card in U.S. Dollars only.