Business Cards

Even in our digitally dominated world, the business card is still an important networking tool for business owners and entrepreneurs. Using business cards gives an impression of professionalism and pride in your product or service. The design of the card quickly communicates what your company is about, and piques the interest of those who see it. Our professional designers will create a high quality design for your card, that will make a great first impression.


Flyers and brochures are one of the most versatile tools a business can use to inform clients and customers about the products and services they offer. This medium allows you to communicate more information than other forms of print at a reduced cost. e-JAM will design professional flyers and brochures that promote your company and increase brand awareness. Our Consultants can assist in creating content for your flyers and brochures that reach your target audience, based on the products and services you provide.


The logo is the face of your business; it has the power to immediately connect the minds of consumers to your company. As the graphic representation of your brand, your logo should send a bold message as to what your company stands for.