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Deal directly with the source for your recruitment of qualified Jamaican workers. Save time & money with e-JAM!
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Are you considering hiring Temporary Foreign Workers – we can help!

e-JAM is experienced in servicing Canadian Employers with Low and High Skilled Jamaican Workers for over 15 years.

We maintain an interactive database of qualified, English-speaking candidates in a variety of work categories and industries, such as: hospitality, landscaping, construction, transportation, healthcare and more.

We are familiar with all documents and application forms required to apply for the Temporary work permit. Our Employers find that dealing with a foreign agency on the ground, speeds up the process and makes it easier to assist candidates in gathering information and documents.

Requirements to hire a Temporary Foreign Worker

  • May need a positive LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment); a requirement for Candidates to apply for the Canadian Work Permit.

  • A fee of $1,000.00 per LMIA application (for each foreign worker), payable to the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).

  • Prove that there are no Canadian citizens to fill the position and that the company can afford to pay a foreign worker.

e-JAM’s services include:

  • Pre-screening and verifying that candidate have the proper work experience and skills

  • Assisting Candidates with the preparation of the application forms

  • Assistance with gathering documents and information; at the same time ensuring that the information can be supported with documents prior to sending to Immigration Canadian Government.


Why e-JAM?

  • A database of qualified candidates in many categories, such as: hospitality, healthcare, Landscaping, Construction & more

  • No language barrier, English is the native language

  • Adding diversity to an organization

  • Short flight from Jamaica W.I., making airfare for the workers affordable

  • 99% Overall Embassy approval rate



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